Meet engineers sharing real stories and the latest autonomous technology applications that impact the world around us.

Join the sensors and electronics community this September at the one in-person and virtual event covering the biggest design engineering trends. From passenger vehicles to robots and drones, Sensors Converge covers autonomous technologies and applications driving innovation today. 



Autonomous Technologies: Twists and Turns in the Road Ahead
Tuesday, September 21 | 9:00AM-4:00PM

In this full-day Pre-Conference Symposia, we’ll cover the next generation of sensors and technology in autonomous applications, from passenger vehicles to robots to drones, and more. The development of driverless car technology is on the rise, and automakers are investing millions and billions to be the first to market with their lineup of autonomous vehicles. The investment into the autonomous vehicle industry has reached over $100 billion, with the leader in spending investing more than half of this number.