Conference Overview


sensors 2023

Where Processing, Sensing and Connectivity Converge.

Featuring 80+ educational sessions and six in-depth workshops delivered by 100+ of the brightest minds in sensor engineering.

Join us at Sensors Converge 2024 to connect directly with like-minded peers on your specific design challenges, hear best practices from industry leaders in sensing, processing and connecting, and source the latest products and partners for your exact design project. 

This year's program will provide cutting edge knowledge and expert training for technical professionals through leaders' roundtables, lightning talks, panel discussions, industry hub roundtables, hands-on workshops and more. 

Focused education across new conference tracks:


Advanced sensors are redefining how we perceive and interact with the world. Explore the forefront of sensing technologies and the latest in breakthroughs that are revolutionizing application areas including energy, environmental monitoring, automotive, medtech and beyond. From cutting-edge developments in LIDAR, Radar, MEMS, and AMR to the groundbreaking strides in Quantum Sensing, the sensing track offers a gateway to the very heart of innovation.

Topics include:
• Sensor Technologies and Innovations
• Smart & Intelligent Sensors
• Sensor Design
• Interoperability and Standards


Delve into the realm of sensor processing, where innovation intersects seamlessly with data intelligence. Enable significant increase in operational efficiency and automation with the latest strategies in edge computing, AI and Machine Learning as applied to sensor data analysis. Join us in the track where sensor processing transcends conventional limits, ushering in a new era of sustainable efficiency and intelligence. 

Topics include:
• AI/Machine Learning Strategies for Sensor Data Analysis
• Edge Compu2ng: From Sensors to Centralized Cloud
• Energy-Efficient Sensor Processing


This track will explore the ever-evolving landscape of IoT connectivity and connected devices, diving into technological advancements across the IoT ecosystem including seamless integration, deploying, low range, low power communication devices and ensuring its security.

Topics include:
• Connectivity and IoT Integration
• Long-Range Low-Power Connectivity
• Wireless Networks and Protocols
• Security and Privacy

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