Sensors Converge Keynote Sessions


Dr. Elena Fersman

Optimizing Performance: AI in Mission-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems

Dr. Elena Fersman, VP, Head of Global AI Accelerator, Ericsson and Adjunct Professor of Cyber-Physical Systems, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

In the cyber-physical continuum, efficient interplay of sensors, actuators, network and computing is becoming increasingly critical.  As complexity of such systems grows, humans need to be able to rely on autonomous intelligent features more and more, and not only expect maximum performance given limited resources, but also adherence to trustworthy principles such as safety, explainability, security and privacy. In this talk, we will discuss how artificial intelligence can be used to optimize performance of cyber-physical systems while guaranteeing their mission-critical properties.

Elena Fersman is a Vice President and Head of Global AI Accelerator at Ericsson. She is responsible for a distributed team based in USA, Sweden, India and Canada. Elena is a docent and an adjunct professor in Cyber-Physical Systems specialized in Automation at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from Uppsala University, an MBA from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and did a postdoc at the University Paris-Saclay. At Ericsson, she had various positions ranging from product management to research leadership. Elena served on the Board of Directors of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden 2019-2022 and is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. Elena has co-authored over 50 patent families.

Christian Peters

Sensors: Saving Lives, Enabling Sustainability

Dr. Christian Peters, Director Smart Sensors & Hardware Systems, Robert Bosch LLC | Bosch Center for AI

Sensors are omnipresent in our daily lives and enable many comfort functions we don’t want to lose. However, sensors not only make our life more comfortable, they also have a tremendous impact on helping save lives. This keynote will reflect on the importance of sensors as lifesavers and, looking forward, also projects the rising demand for sensors as a critical element to enable sustainability.

Christian Peters received the Dipl.-Ing. in Microsystem Technology in 2003 and the Dr.-Ing. degree from the Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg, Germany, in 2009, both with highest honors. From 2009 to 2012, he has been with Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH, where he was working as a system engineer on high performance sensors and inertial measurement units. In the beginning of 2012 Dr. Peters joined Corporate Research at Robert Bosch GmbH, Gerlingen, Germany, working on IoT (Internet of Things) sensor systems, high integration and power solutions for wireless sensor nodes. Since January 2015, Dr. Peters is working at the Robert Bosch Research and Technology Center in Sunnyvale, CA, USA, and currently leading the strategic research portfolio “Smart Sensors & Hardware Systems” at Bosch Corporate Research. Core areas of the portfolio are MEMS and Quantum based sensors and systems, embedded AI, and AR/VR solutions.