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Entryway Experience / Temperature Tablet

Aurora's temperature check tablets provides alerts when a person is running a high temperature. Add an extra layer of protection to facilities and help protect your most valuable assets – your human assets.

ams osram


TMF8801 Time-of-Fight Sensor

The ams OSRAM TMF8801 sensor is located at the top of the PC screen bezel. It continuously monitors if a person is approaching the PC. When presence is detected (within 1 meter) then the PC unlocks. Otherwise, the screen turns off. If an object is too close (< 20 cm) then the screen also turns off.  


Ohmni Labs

Ohmni® Modular Robotics Platform

Distinguish yourself from competitors and capture new value with tech-forward robotics solutions.  Launch robotics applications at unmatched cost and speed using the Ohmni® Modular Robotics Platform.

Quickly and efficiently design, prototype, manufacture and deploy robotics that perfectly fit your customer’s needs at a significantly lower cost than traditional robotics developers.

Step into the “new normal” of robotics with our end-to-end solutions that leverage our technical expertise and years of real-world industry experience.




SigmaSense®, the global leader in touch sensing, is showcasing a technology demo of SigmaHover®, a way to interact with a screen without touching the screen surface. SigmaHover extends multi-touch technology in new directions: not only are the “X” and “Y” location dimensions of touch available but the “Z” dimension, the area above the display, as well. This “touchless-touch” technology can detect the direction of two separate users through hover and determine the location of the user that touches the screen. Using Software Defined Sensing (SDS), the display interface can be changed and be customized based on the user location detected. Applications include the automotive infotainment designs where SigmaHover can differentiate between a driver and passenger and adjust the dashboard display based on the user. Experience the future of touchless-touch displays.