The Technical Committee of Sensors Converge 2022 is currently seeking qualified speakers to deliver unique and compelling technical presentations at our in-person conference, taking place June 27-29, 2022. In addition to the main Sensors Converge Conference program, we’re also seeking speakers for our co-located conferences: Embedded Technologies, Autonomous Technologies, and Medical Technologies Design Conference. 

Our goal is to create unique, dynamic, and educational programs for attendees, who design, create, and test sensors and electronics systems and are interested in gaining deep insights into the giant array of options, decisions, and design tradeoffs inherent in engineering activities.

We particularly encourage proposals from speakers with deep technical and practical experience who can share real-world experiences in designing and working with sensors and electronics.

Proposals for talks that will be given preference in the review process will:

  • Be presented by an engineer with practical, real-world experience in designing with sensors and electronics
  • Reveal new ways of thinking about and applying sensors and electronics in end products
  • Share lessons learned, best practices, and tips and tricks for designing better systems involving sensor and electronics
  • Are based on real-world examples that involve the novel application of technology or illustrate a solution to a technical challenge in an end product, including a detailed discussion of the trade-offs and choices made (and why) during the design process
  • Include a demo to illustrate key technical principles and engage the audience in a creative or more interactive way
  • Include the results of original research and/or deep analysis of current and emerging trends in technology and applications
  • Feature objective, educational, non-commercial content
  • Feature content that has been specifically created for the Sensors Conference and is not available anywhere online or previously presented at other events


Technical session - 30 minutes
Technical sessions focus on technology trends, a specific real-world case study or application, or a how-to type presentation intended to help engineers gain a better understanding of technology and best practices that they can apply in their own development work.

Tutorial session - 75 minutes
A tutorial takes a deep dive into a specific technical topic that merits more than a 30-minute technology session. A tutorial session should include a case study, a step-by-step guided example, or a demonstration. 

Technical workshop – Half or full day (180 – 360 minutes)
A technical workshop is designed to give attendees a half or full-day intensive, interactive training where attendees engage in discussions and activities or exercises. To give attendees time on actual hardware, it may include the use of a development board and necessary software to carry out the exercises. Please note that vendor workshops are separate. 



  • Industrial and Environmental Sensing
  • Intelligent Sensing (MEMS, Smart Sensors, AI/ML Sensor Fusion)
  • Embedded Technology
  • IoT and Wireless Technology
  • Design Engineering in the Era of 5G

Technology Considerations

  • Energy Harvesting and Power Management
  • Interoperability & Standards
  • Connected Devices
  • Multi-Sensor Fusion/Integration
  • Instrumentation
  • Test & Measurement

Vertical Applications

  • Smart Buildings and Cities
  • Autonomous Technologies (AVs, Drones, Robotics)
  • Automotive/AutoTech
  • Defense/Aerospace
  • Industrial IoT
  • MedTech
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Space
  • Emerging Applications: Metaverse, Crypto, and Blockchain


  • Timeliness and originality of topic 
  • Value of the topic and clearly defined takeaways for engineers who design with sensors and electronics
  • Extent to which proposals reveals new concepts for designing with sensors and electronics
  • Objective, educational, non-commercial content
  • Knowledge, experience and presentation skills of the speaker(s)
  • Inclusion of end user or engineering with practical, real-world experience applying sensors and electronics  as lead or co-presenter for technical presentations


  • Speakers will receive a full conference pass to Sensors Converge 2022
  • Speakers will be highlighted on the Sensors Converge website and in extensive event promotions and coverage, including emails, brochures, social media, and articles posted on our media brand Fierce Electronics’ website
  • Speakers will receive wide recognition as industry thought leaders and expert technical professionals

If you have any questions on your submission, please contact Charlene Soucy,