Conference Themes

Focused Education Across NEW Conference Themes


Driving Smart Sensor Innovation into the Era of Sustainable Living

Enabling Innovation: Next-Gen Tech

Tracks include:

  • IoT & 5G Connectivity
  • The Cloud
  • Intelligent Sensing (MEMS, Edge, AI/ML, Sensor Fusion)
  • Environmental Sensing & Sustainability
  • Advanced Embedded system Technologies

Process Design, Efficiency & Control Development

Tracks include:

  • Interoperability & Standards
  • Energy Harvesting and Power Management
  • Multi-Sensor Fusion Integration
  • Test & Measurement
  • Security & Privacy

Transforming Markets: Smart Everything

Tracks include:

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Smart Homes, Buildings, and Cities
  • Connected Car
  • MedTech
  • Defense

Enabling Innovation: Advancements of Next-Gen Tech: Some of the biggest innovations in sensors aren't just the brand new inventions, but the way existing sensors are evolving to become more precise, stable, and easier to implement. During these tracks, industry experts will present on the latest advancements that will drive the next generation of sensors. Tracks will include IoT & 5G, the Cloud, Intelligent Sensing, Environmental Sensing & Sustainability, and Advanced Embedded System Technologies.

Process Design, Efficiency, and Control Development: As the sensor industry races to take advantage of market opportunities, the need to ensure that sensors will operate safely and reliably is a growing consideration. During these tracks, topic specialists will provide a greater understanding of sensor interoperability needs, performance demands, and opportunities for energy efficiency. Tracks will include Interoperability & Standards, Energy Harvesting & Power Management, Multi-Sensor Fusion Integration, Test & Measurement, and Security & Privacy.

Transforming Markets - Smart Everything: The extraordinary advances in IoT and new connectivity revolutions has given rise to the era of smart everything, touching essentially every market vertical. During these tracks, market leaders will examine the growing application of smart-connected sensor ecosystems within market verticals, its opportunities, and biggest implementation hurdles. Tracks will include Smart Manufacturing, Agriculture, Smart Homes/Buildings/Cities, Connected Car, MedTech, and Defense.

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