sensors 2023

We're dedicated to the next generation of sensors and electronics

Sensors Converge is dedicated to the next generation of sensors and electronics. A big proponent of that is fostering the innovation of startups and enabling collaboration and connection with future partners and investors.

New this year, we’ve created unique and custom opportunities for our community of startups to meet with potential investment partners.

Opportunities include:

  • Startups & VC Lounge – dedicated networking space
  • Startup Pitchfire – see and hear startups present their elevator pitch
  • Pitch Roundtable – opportunity for investors and startups to meet and discuss technology areas and critical issues in the world of funding and startups and more.

Interested in participating in the Startup and VC programs? Contact [email protected].

Past Investor Attendees include:

Citi, Daybreak Capital Partners, Health Tech Capital, Innovative Capital Resources, Morgan Stanley, Renevo Capital Limited, RYSE Asset Management, SAIC Capital, Sand Hill Angels, Silicon Catalyst, Silicon Valley Growth Venture Partners, Translink Capital, Union Park Capital, Woodside Capital Partners, and more.