Sustainability at Sensors Converge



At Questex, we have taken a pledge to improve our environmental and social impact by developing a policy that aims to maximize the good in what we do whilst we reduce our environmental footprint. As each event, venue, and destination are unique; we work with our partners, sponsors, vendors and attendees to craft a sustainability a commitment to match local needs and opportunities. 

Our commitments include:

  • Promoting debate around sustainability issues and how to address them in the conference program
  • Working with the McEnery Convention Center to implement environmental measures at the event
  • Minimizing the amount of waste generated by the event by aiming to reduce, reuse and recycle materials where possible
  • Reducing the need for print collateral by encouraging use of our event mobile apps amongst attendees and sponsors and using digital communications wherever possible
  • Using recycled and recyclable materials as much as possible, such as for marketing materials
  • Providing recycling points at the venue
  • Encouraging attendees to bring and use their own re-usable water bottles 
  • Promoting the use of seasonal food and responsible sourcing of ingredients as well as offering plant-based dietary options
  • Working with the Convention Center to ensure food is not wasted by implementing proper planning and preparation
  • Encouraging sponsors and suppliers to reduce the use of printed materials and single-use plastic, to use recycled materials where possible, and to reduce waste
  • Providing energy efficient charging stations for phones and devices onsite at the event

Specific Sustainability Features and Initiatives at this year's event, include: 

  • Cleantech Startup Review presented by the Cleantech Council
  • Keynote on Tech for Sustainability - Technology & Sustainability: Working Together for a Better Future presented by Adrian Grenier, Actor, Filmmaker, and Environmentalist
  • Conference track dedicated to Environmental Sensors & Sustainability
  • ESG focused editorial coverage on Fierce Electronics and newsletters
  • and more! 

Plus, we're partnering with Lune, whose mission it is to make every product and service climate positive and connects communities with high quality carbon projects that are driving measurable climate impact. As part of this partnership, we'll be directing a portion of all conference pass fees paid to the North America Forestry Project. This Project helps to preserve sustainable land management practices, as well as protect wildlife habitat, promote education, and provide employment in local communities throughout North America. 

If you have any question or if you would like to recommend further initiatives, don’t hesitate to contact Charlene Soucy at [email protected].